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NEW Event Dates: 17 – 18 March, Australian Healthcare Week is the largest healthcare event in Australia, bringing together over 7, This year, Australian Healthcare Week will be running 6 FREE TO ATTEND on-floor programs.

This guidance is to help registered health practitioners understand and meet their obligations when using social media. Social media is a term that is constantly evolving but generally refers to internet-based tools that allow individuals and groups to communicate, to advertise or share opinions, information, ideas, messages, experiences, images, and video or audio clips.

They may include blogs, social networks, video and photo-sharing sites, wikis, or a myriad of other media, used for 1 :. A primary objective of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme the National Scheme is to protect the public. Community trust in registered health practitioners is essential. Every practitioner has a responsibility to behave ethically to justify this trust.

Inappropriate use of social media can result in harm to patients and the profession, particularly given the changing nature of privacy and the capacity for material to be posted by others. Harm may include breaches of confidentiality, defamation of colleagues or employers, violation of practitioner—patient boundaries or an unintended exposure of personal information to the public, employers, consumers and others.

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Integrate is Australia’s leading platform dedicated to helping businesses harness the power of AV to transform customer experiences. It is nexus for local and global brands to promote the latest AV solutions and products, as well as share insights and innovations to the region’s largest gathering of AV professionals and end users. Our Virtual Speaker Series was an opportunity for the AV industry to immerse themselves in the future of AV and discover how to navigate AV business in this changing world.

and Support; Finance; Human Resources; Information Technology; Legal and Compliance; Marketing; Sales; Supply Chain. Reset. Show Filters Hide Filters.

If you wish to hunt rabbits, foxes, pigs, goats, deer, hares, feral cats or wild dogs not dingo on private land , you must have permission from the landowner or Alphabetically arranged by year, the list notes name, date of order and number of acres. This includes four former parishes of Canberra, Yarrolumla, Narrabundah and Gigerline in Murray and 15 former parishes in Cowley, while land in parts of other parishes of these counties also became part of the ACT.

With more than caravan parks and camping grounds located on Crown reserves, this website showcases the variety of caravan parks, camping areas and tourist accommodation situated on some of the most stunning NSW Land and Property Information LPI Data Collection Initial Search As the authoritative land information custodian for NSW, LPI provides a fee based data extraction service. Crown Land is land owned by the government on behalf of the people of NSW and is under the care and control of the Minister for Lands.

Indeed, Council has received many requests over the years from land owners to close the crown road reserve that either adjoins or passes through their properties. If you’re planning to stay at a campground managed by Crown Lands from 1 June , you now need to fill out the Crown reserves camping registration form. Squatting is an historical Australian term that referred to someone who occupied a large tract of Crown land in order to graze livestock. If an area of Crown land is licensed, hunters must obtain the permission of the licensee before using firearms on that area.

Recent exploration results, in the form of drilling intercepts and resource figures, are presented along with resource figures for operating mines on this map of Mineral Projects in NSW.

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Our comprehensive infrastructure portfolio consists of more than 40, cell towers, approximately 70, on-air or under-contract small cell nodes, and approximately 80, route miles of fiber—giving us a presence in every major US market. As the demand for data and information grows, this unique combination of assets will continue to work together to meet the needs of people and businesses.

Our disciplined approach to capital allocation allows us to remain focused on our long-term stability and future success.

by the European Union as of February 19, , the date of the The last three above-mentioned standards will be applicable as of January 1, in the European Union. Global Industries Australia Holdings Pty Limited The table below shows information on Technip’s reportable business and.

Latest version submitted November 19, on ClinicalTrials. A study version is represented by a row in the table. Select two study versions to compare. One each from columns A and B. Choose either the “Merged” or “Side-by-Side” comparison format to specify how the two study versions are to be displayed. The Side-by-Side format only applies to the Protocol section of the study. Click “Compare” to do the comparison and show the differences.

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This topic covers only the MBR of pension, also known as the maximum rate of the base pension. This topic contains 2 tables of pension rates covering 2 periods: Table Number Explanation 1 1 July to 13 November 2 14 November , when a standard rate was introduced, to present date Table 1: Maximum basic rates of pension from 1 July to 5 October The table below shows the rates in dollars per annum p.

Table 2: Maximum basic rates of pension from 14 November to present date The table below shows the rates in dollars per annum p. D From 7 August Age and invalid pensions were regarded as being paid in fortnightly instalments of one twenty-sixth of the annual rate, payment being made for each instalment falling due while eligibility existed. This was based on F E Standard rate became payable to married Age and invalid pensioners where the living expenses of a wife or husband were or were likely to be greater than they would otherwise be by reason that they were unable, as a result of the illness or infirmity of either or both of them, to live together in a matrimonial home subsection 33 2 of the Act applied.

of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious universities. 2 The University Introduction. An establishing sentence shows the reader you understand the question and indicates the position you will take (see Report title, student name​(s), course, date and student signature(s) recorded on declaration Published January

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In a press release dated September 22, , Ms Bishop committed to five RAC WA offers insurance, roadside assistance, car servicing and repairs, tyres, batteries, loans, home security, travel and member deals for West Australians. Make sure to develop and document clearly defined job descriptions for each role, and that everyone involved understands and agrees to the expectations and responsibilities involved in taking on their role. Together we learn from Sunday Platform Talks , act on our Ethical Humanist values, participate in Ethical Action , provide all ages with Ethical Education , and celebrate joys and sorrows.

Your question s Please note that there is a character limit per question up to 3 questions is our way of saying thank-you for the loyalty you show to our brands. I come from a small family business background, and it was the pro-business policies of the Liberal Party that supported the growth of small business.

Australia that also have facilities and other assets on the ground in overseas A survey of annual reports39 from the top ASX companies shows.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. For custom-delimited date formats, you have to pull out the date or time components from a DateTimeFormat object which is part of the ECMAScript Internationalization API , and then manually create a string with the delimiters you want.

You can also pull out the parts of a DateTimeFormat one-by-one using DateTimeFormat format , but note that when using this method, as of March , there is a bug in the ECMAScript implementation when it comes to leading zeros on minutes and seconds this bug is circumvented by the approach above. When working with dates and times, it is usually worth using a library eg. If you need slightly less control over formatting than the currently accepted answer, Date toLocaleDateString can be used to create standard locale-specific renderings.

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