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Explore the new omnibus line 5 covering a total distance of 12 km from the subway station Ruhleben to the psychiatric clinic Spandau. Thanks to the newly added chronology function you’ll not only be able to drive through Spandau in , but also relive the changes taking place in Spandau between and Enjoy the charm of the 80s and 90s and discover the period following the fall of the Berlin Wall from behind the wheel of a double-decker or articulated bus.

Tourist Bus Simulator.

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Please note, that the target website is not operated by us. We are not responsible for it’s content nor does our privacy policy apply there. Hello fellow OMSIers! No other files are required for the mod itself, though you would of course need the aforementioned maps if you wish to try it on those maps. Please see the readme and styling guide in the file list below for an overview of the mod.

Special thanks. Works from the list above are by other authors, and are NOT public domain. You need to ask for permission from the respective authors if you wish to do anything public with these works! This mod is for OMSI 2 only. This mod is usable on the following buses:. Please note that release 0.

MAN NL202 / NG272

Whaat a great add-on! I was not too sure if it was worth the money since the previous versions of the Teltow map were freeware, but I am glad I purchased this! It is the section of code that handles the ” “.

The game retains the MAN double deckers and routes serving the and the addition of the MAN NL single decker and NG bendybus.

In , the Setra S 6, which was only 6. Four inch wide-screen video monitors. This refers to the integral nature of the construction of the vehicles back in the s when competitor vehicles still featured a separate chassis and body often manufactured by separate companies. Models include SHDH. Setra is an Neu-Ulm, Germany-based manufacturer of commercial buses and touring coaches, and recently a subsidiary of Daimler AG.

And we pay attention to the little details that add up to big reliability and comfort for our drivers and passengers, mile after mile, day after day. We are a full-line bus supplier, with our Mercedes-Benz, Setra, and BharatBenz brands covering every segment in the global bus market. Make Offer – Scale model bus , Setra S8. This includes being the first bus in its category to be equipped with innovative solid-state batteries.

Omsi Man Single Decker

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Oct 17, – The OMSI 2 Mercedes-Benz O GGG ‘Bus Train’ mod in this video is a fictional crazy version of the mainstream single-decker MB O G NEW MAN Lion’s Intercity Bus Pack on Fernbus Simulator #FernbusSimulator.

May has been a productive month with 2 repaints re-designed from scratch with new details and features, both of which are available for download. Used in BH2 livery, they were placed on metro routes 49, 7 and 1 with others in plain red for general use. Here are the first screenshots for trial 1. The stair windows have been painted over whilst the livery stripes are now at the same angle, shape and size as the EN92 version.

There is much more work to be done, for example the fare stickers are back to front and the stripes need to be moved forward. Check back soon for further updates. Both will be available for download in the next day or so.

MAN A95 – Lion’s City DD (3-Door) Concept Bus

Fascination on the move for up to 85 passengers Experience the high life — two worlds in one bus Drive efficiently with the lowest CO 2 emissions per person per kilometre. Send your passengers on a high-life journey: With the Skyliner, we have brought together two top-class bus worlds in one vehicle for you.

On the lower level, it captivates with its luxurious lounge ambience, on-board kitchen, WC and the largest luggage compartment in the double-decker class. Two spacious stairways lead you to the light-flooded upper deck with optimal seating comfort and a unique panoramic view. Our double-decker coach is our flagship and is sure to bring delight on every journey — inside and out.

3rd Party addons: OMSI doesn’t end with Spandau, Many 3rd party addons are available such as the excellet single deck MAN NL bus which can be.

With that the Single decker MAN buses that come with the sim NL and NG should have or roof hatches that can be opened above on the ceiling and then a few windows on above some of the windows that can be cracked open. SMRT Buses was the first local public transport operator to bring the MAN A to revenue service with a single demonstrator unit brought in for evaluation followed by more. Much of the design was used in.

Dec Nope. It is an awesome Simulation game. Ive tried to reinstall the whole game. When i enter a route in the ibis on the MAN NL and the NG the two single decker busses the signs on the outside of the bus wont show anything.

OMSI 2, Germany’s Most Advanced Bus Simulator is Here with Articulation

Production continued until , when the model was superseded by the NG 2 A The new model changed the original pillar seat supports which allowed the windows in the front section to be lowered, but otherwise remained visually very similar. The majority of NG’s have been retired from service in most transport companies, remaining operational mainly in private ownership or abroad.

The MAN NG was a low floor articulated single-decker bus built by MAN Nutzfahrzeuge In Popular Culture[edit]. MR Software have released OMSI 2 The Bus Simulator which features the MAN NG

They are totally missing the point of X-Plane if it can’t run regular add ons. X-Plane can be used professionally with the correct license, or used personally. Flying machine. Update is free to all XPFP3 users. Import to. The fact is all of these are available.

OMSI – MAN Lion’s City 1DTF Edition